To each his own approach and therefore the artist who suits you! It is to meet all these expectations that MUSY accompanies companies, liberal professions, individuals and managers.

The art market is not a market like any other. It can sometimes appear as opaque and reserved for insiders while offering an infinite panel of inspirations, diversities and opportunities.


In these aspects, it can bring a lot:

  • to collectors who are constantly looking for works to expand their collection

  • lovers of curiosities who wish to discover new works

  • people looking for new investment opportunities , with a different meaning

  • to those who build a diversified investment strategy with a return/risk ratio complementary to that of other products

  • to current patrons who want to support creators and their talent

  • to aesthetes for whom the work of art, whether painting, sculpture, photography, installation, collage, will embellish their daily life and adorn their interior or exterior with a different energy

  • companies, thus offering another work environment to their teams and giving new meaning to their corporate mission

  • and to all the others...

The fiscal and financial impact of the acquisition of works of art

Buying a work of art is subject to tax rules, either throughout the duration of the acquisition, or on resale, or both, depending on whether you are a business  or particular. 

To optimize these tax aspects, support from experts is recommended, such as that offered by MUSY.  


Then can come into play any research into profitability, added value, resale strategy, etc. It is therefore a whole accompaniment and a strong consulting dimension that help you to optimize these different aspects, according to your appetites and your expectations.


Well-known emerging artists: the nuggets of MUSY


Depending on your wishes, MUSY searches for and offers works by great masters, artists who are already famous or artists still considered to be emerging but whose rating is promising.

These artists, these nuggets, we particularly like to take an interest in them, by taste, by opportunity and by the affinities we have with them. 

A nugget can be an artist who will see his works highly valued or who brings a new perspective. He is always a creator who carries within him a singularity that the MUSY teams detect and link to your own singularity.  


Examples of expectations that the MUSY team met by managing the purchase of the perfect work of art