Are you a private individual, a professional or a company making investments to achieve profitability? Do you appreciate art as an amateur and do not know how the art market works? 

It is well known that art is a safe haven in times of crisis. Of course it is. Nevertheless, a novice in the field can feel lost in the face of the mysteries of how the art market works. The supply of artists and artworks is a certain and understandable hindrance. Yet art offers lucrative opportunities, accessible to different investor profiles. 

The MUSY team will accompany you in this investment process and : 

  • introduce you to the dynamics of the art market and the main categories of artists

  • convert your expectations into concrete opportunities by introducing you to different artists and their work

  • guide and support you from the acquisition of your artwork to its resale 


A work of art in an interior is alive


It evolves according to the atmosphere of the room, the light, the seasons.


We see it differently from one day to another, people visiting have sometimes divergent opinions inviting discussion, we often discover "something more" that had not been revealed the day before.


Art is changing and therefore moving. And somewhere, a work of art that we have chosen or personalized will always have a deep evocative force. It will summon either a memory or an emotion. In this sense, she keeps us company...  

Some examples for the interior of a private individual:

A contemporary painting to shift a Haussmannian interior, a painting that plays on a color by taking up that of a strong object in the room, a triptych of collages to decorate a long corridor, a very large-format painting in a cathedral living room, a work personal for the privacy of a bedroom, etc.  


Other examples for a company or in the office of a liberal profession:

A series of paintings related to the profession of the company in the reception hall or the head office, a painting in soothing colors in a dentist's office, a work playing on the face in an aesthetic clinic, a painting humorous in a law firm, a monumental sculpture in the lobby of a bank, a tower in La Défense or the City, a collection on the same theme in all the rooms of a hotel, etc.


According to your desires and your tastes, the trends and artistic currents, the MUSY team accompanies you in the search for the original or tailor -made work of art, which will be able to decorate your interior or your exterior.


Acquire a work of art to build or expand a collection


When we hear about collectors, we instinctively think of big names lucky enough to own prestigious signatures acquired at exorbitant prices. But buying works of art to collect them does not necessarily fit into this dimension! It is simply a question of acquiring works of art to build a coherent whole. 


A few tips for building a collection with MUSY

  • Define a starting point, a line : it can be an artistic movement, a type of subject, a technique etc.

  • Discuss with the MUSY teams who will inform you about the art market, the artists, the prices and offer you works of art corresponding to your criteria. 

  • Buy strategically , with the advice of MUSY teams but also according to your favorites.

  • Think of your collection as a whole whose value - in all senses of the term - is ultimately much greater than the sum of the works considered individually. 

  • Incorporate your personal tastes because this is how the collection will retain its guiding line.

  • Integrate, if you can, some exceptional pieces that will make your collection even more attractive!  


Via its network, the MUSY team is looking for original works of art, sketches or sketches, signed and/or numbered. We ensure their authenticity and have them delivered to your home.