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For me, photography is not about looking at something; it’s about feeling.

Gregory Herpe is a french photographer, born in 1969 in Paris. He started his career as an actor at Cours Florent, and staged theatre performances around Europe. At some point, he left the stage and since then his career has never stopped.


Previously eEditor in chief on NRJ and Fun Radio in Paris, RTL/TVI in Brussels, today he is artist photographer and photojournalist in Hong Kong, for different magazines in France and in England.

His work centres on mankind: people from around the world, our cities' organisations, our societies, and our relationship with customs and traditions. When exploring these areas, Grégory Herpe finds endangered animals in Africa, IRA soldiers in Belfast, young Cambodian women escaping prostitution, Drag Queens in Europe... Regardless of the subject he chooses to photograph, Herpe endeavours to create a unique vision of the modern world whilst focusing on a perspective, a message and an emotion.As an engaged artist, he regularly collaborates with NGOs to promote their work.

Internationally recognised, Herpe has exhibited his work in the European Parliament in Strasbourg as well as numerous galleries and museum across Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia.

Selected solo exhibitions :

  • 2020 - Chania International Photo Festival - Centre for Mediterranean Architecture, Chania, (Crete, Greece)

  • 2017 - "Gypsies, street culture", European Parliament, Strasbourg (France)

  • 2015 - "Bristol Streets", hello people! Bristol (United Kingdom)

  • 2013 - "Set photos", Cannes Film Festival - American Pavilion, Cannes, (France)

  • 2011 - Deekay Gallery, Boston (USA)

Selection of group exhibitions :

  • 2020 - "Museum of You" - The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury (UK)

  • 2020 - "Pandemic" - Hilversum Museum, Hilversum (Netherlands)

  • 2019 - CICA Museum, Gimpo, (South Korea)

  • 2019 - "World Photography Day Exhibition", Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Goa (India)

  • 2018 - "People across the globe", ATBU University of Bauchi (Nigeria)

  • 2017 - "Political Poetics", with Pablo Picasso, Sallvador Dali, Erwin Olaf, Art & Business gallery, Zurich (Switzerland)

  • 2015 - 6th Genoa Biennale - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Palazzo Stella, Genoa (Italy)

The works displayed below are a representative selection from the world of Gregory Herpe. The aim is to open you to the movements he explored and to inspire you. Together, go further: share your expectations for your bespoke piece of art.

Seen by MUSY...

Gregory Herpe is a renowned photographer who travels the world and offers us his most beautiful interpretation through luminous pictures, just like him.
We share moments of life, reflections of souls (People's soul series) and discover cultural universes like in the series Deep into Drag Queens or I'm the Gypsy. We escape to the other end of the earth: to the savannah face to face with a lion (series Breathe Africa), to the Azerbaijani desert, or wherever our imagination takes us (series Almost Human) and sometimes even with a lot of humour (series Dog's life). 
As comfortable with black and white as with colour, Grégory's photographs reveal the beauty of the movement of life.