The MUSY experience

The MUSY team accompanies and advises companies and individuals in the acquisition of original or personalised artworks.

Investments, tax exemption, decoration, search for particular artworks, or even organisation of events, to each approach corresponds the artist that suits it. 

As a true reassuring link, the very essence of MUSY lies in the possibility to materialize the crossing of the universes of talented artists with the desires of each one.

Vocation of MUSY

In an age where personality is privileged over other kinds of experience and where everyone must stand out to please the greatest number, most of us question their value in the eyes of others.

At the same time, our society constantly refers us to moral values that favour a conventional way of life, while difference is essentially expressed through communities of insiders.

In short, the common Western people are torn between conformism and distinction.

MUSY is a response to this inner duality.

It offers a way to assume our personality and reveal our identity through the universal language of art.

This is how we distinguish ourselves.

"An artwork

is worth nothing

without inspiration"


Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Journal intime, 1874

Why MUSY ?

At the origin of MUSY, the crossroad of Chloe and Ayoko, two young women with different backgrounds, origins and universes who have converged towards the same desire: bringing together the actors of the artistic process, eliminating distances, putting the human at the centre, highlighting creativity and creators.

At the origin of MUSY

Coming from an artistic and musical background, this young woman from Lyon made her debut at the Conservatoire National de Région before pursuing her dream of artistic promotion. Between Lyon, Paris and Spain she met many artists and got involved in various projects, before launching her own artistic promotion platform with MUSY.

"At times, it can be difficult to make the artistic experience concrete for emotion and sensation lovers. The arts scene enjoys an immense diversity in which we can be guided to define and find what we like. We thought of MUSY as a new trend that preserves all the authenticity of an artwork: unique, emotional and inspired. It's also a personal approach, because making perfect strangers vibrate in unison is what thrills me."

Chloe Dasse started working as engineer. She has always been drawn to the world of art, culture and history, and has made it her profession by founding her own company in architecture and interior design, bringing the most beautiful decorations to historical monuments and private homes. Through encounters between Bordeaux, the French Riviera and Marbella she became involved in art and artistic promotion.


"What is exciting is to understand the creative process, to question oneself about it, to exchange with the artists, and depending on the artworks, to be part of it.

This is how MUSY works: art is a whole in which everyone participates."