Our support

As a business, several motivations can lead you to want to buy a painting, a lithograph, a sculpture or any type of work of art.


Regarding the financial aspects, only an expert will be able to support you. We collaborate with Maitre Doutremepuich who will carry out the simulation of your potential in terms of tax exemption.  

A transparent accompaniment, on the fiscal and artistic level to buy the work of art

First meeting: qualification of your project to acquire a work of art for your company

Prior to this meeting, we will ask you to provide us with your accounting statements for the year n-1 and n-2, in complete confidentiality. They will be used to carry out the personalized simulation detailing the possibilities of tax exemption for your company.  


By exchanging, our common objective is to clearly specify the reasons why you want to invest in art and buy a work of art.


Is it to educate your employees? To make your premises or offices a different and welcoming space? Obtain added value?
Reduce your taxes? Building a business project around art?  Make you happy as an art enthusiast?

Of course, the other facet of meetings consists of talking about your tastes, your desires, artists, types of work, etc. 

Second appointment: presentation of the options for the purchase of your work

On an artistic level, MUSY presents the first proposals from artists who correspond to both your tastes and your project. 

At this level:

  • you will therefore know exactly the repercussions of the acquisition of works of art at the tax and accounting level

  • you can therefore define or refine your acquisition budget 

  • you will have the pleasure of discovering the artists and the works that we will have pre-selected for you

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MUSY remuneration: in complete transparency

MUSY, unlike a gallery, operates independently of the artists we offer: our objective is indeed to find you the work of art, in the form you have chosen and according to the budget you have defined, which corresponds to your project.


At all times, you will have complete transparency as to our support.

The follow-up after the acquisition of the work of art by your company


We carry out a particular and personalized follow-up throughout the acquisition period.  

After the 5 years of tax depreciation, if you wish to dispose of the work of art that your company has acquired, either with a view to recovering the capital gain or with a view to benefiting from tax advantages through the sponsorship, MUSY can accompany you to present the different options available to you, advise you and manage the process.