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An artwork in my bathtub

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"From pop art to historical clichés, I chose a magnificent original photo."

Julia, Plastic surgeon, Marbella (Spain)

We had just acquired our villa. Spacious and bright, with the main rooms, three bedrooms, a dressing room and three bathrooms: the first in the master suite, the second for guests and the third for my children. In decorating these bathrooms, I had a floral tapestry laid in the first two and I wanted an original element in the third.

On a friend’s recommendation, I called MUSY to find an artwork to display in my hall. During our conversation I mentioned the bathroom, for which Ayoko and Chloe suggested me several ideas to decorate this room.

Between bas-reliefs and artworks hanging on the wall, I preferred a large format photo, which would evoke the floral atmosphere of the other rooms. Enthusiastic and curious about this proposal, I agreed to see the different options.

Following MUSY's suggestions, from pop art to historical clichés, I chose a magnificent original photo of a palm leaf.

Later, they explained to me the constraints related to the conservation of the artwork in a closed bathroom. The technical solution they proposed corresponded completely to the rendering I wanted and above all maintained the durability of the photo over time.

Well done! Three weeks later my photo printed on treated aluminium was hung! Since then, we can take baths in the shade of this palm leaf.

MUSY behind the scenes...

When Julia mentioned the decoration of her bathroom, we loved the challenge! A damp room, closed, with bright lighting and occasionally visited by young children.

We instantly thought of Alu Dibond. Instead of printing the photo on a traditional paper format, it is printed in very high resolution on a treated aluminium support. In addition to the quality of the rendering, this medium has excellent resistance to difficult exhibition conditions.

Choosing the photo was easy as we knew that Julia was looking for a similar ambiance of the other bathrooms.

Finally, thanks to the different frame options, we were able to play on the depth of the photo, and give the impression of a window open on a corner of nature.

MUSY's advice

The conditions under which an artwork is exhibited are of great importance in its showcase, but above all for its durability. It is very important that you share the artwork exhibition environment with us so that it blends in harmoniously with it.