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Holiday Memories

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

« I'm not a fashion aficionado, but I was moved by the emotion these sketches emanated. »

Rosa, Tax Lawyer in Marbella (Spain)

During a stay in Marrakech with friends, I decided to acquire my first piece of art... or collector's item, I should say.

Last July, as I was finishing my most intense period of work, I proposed to my friends a stay in Morocco, just to take a break.

So I left my husband, children and work in Marbella, for a few days of discovery and change of scenery, in the direction of Marrakech.

After a trip to the famous souk of the city and a jaunt in the desert, we went to visit the museum of the French designer Yves Saint-Laurent. It is difficult to remain insensitive to this imposing building. Geometrically atypical architecture, three letters for signature: YSL... Splendid!

I wandered through the museum and was fascinated to discover the evolution of clothing fashions that followed the development of the designer and his history.

It was in the bend of one of the rooms that I stopped in front of his sketches.

These drawings represented models of women, most of them in cocktail dresses that I admired in the display beside: elegance made real and the talent of the artist who transforms the sketch into a work of art. I, who am not a fashion aficionado, was seized by the emotion and realism that these sketches emanated: the haughty wear and attitude of the models, the depth in the simplicity of the line.

I immediately wanted to see them every day.

A few weeks before this stay, I had met the founders of MUSY to decorate my new residence. Chloe and Ayoko were going to work with the interior designer to select original and/or custom-made works of art, according to my tastes.

So I sent them a photo of these sketches by Yves Saint-Laurent at once, asking them if it was possible to acquire signed sketches from French maison de haute couture.

A month later, I was hanging my numbered and stamped sketches of the maison Pierre Cardin and Givenchy right outside my bedroom door.

Since then, every day I can admire the elegance and authentic talent of these designers and relive through them, the emotion of this escape.

MUSY behind the scenes...

When we received Rosa’s request and photo, we understood that it was a "coup de coeur". Our mission was therefore to offer her similar and equally authentic pieces. We got in touch with our partners, including some antique dealers in France and collectors in the United States.

As soon as we received the various sketches, we proposed them to Rosa who selected three of them: one from Pierre Cardin and two from Givenchy. We made sure they were adequately packaged for transportation, cleared customs, framed them and finally delivered them with their certificate of authenticity to her happy owner.

MUSY's advice

The quality of the framer's work is the final touch that will allow your work to keep all its splendour once exposed!