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Art invites itself into the city thought by Innopolis

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

To meet the challenges of tomorrow and prepare for economic recovery in a climate of health crisis, Innopolis Expo, the trade fair of the city of tomorrow, scheduled for next June in Paris, unveils a programme covering contemporary issues from mobility to environmental matters and the digital transition.

On this occasion, elected representatives, institutions, intermediary bodies (town planners, architects, landscapers), associations and third parties, companies and funders, as well as the academic world, will all be brought together. Through the expertise of each, Innopolis Expo aims to provide concrete solutions to current challenges, addressing all local authorities, both metropolises and medium-sized cities.

A real place for emulation, the fair is a business and reflection platform based on 5 main themes:

- Digital transformation,

- Environment and urban planning,

- Energy,

- Mobility,

- Governance and the place of Men in the urban environment (Humanopolis).

Like our cities, art will be an integral part of Innopolis Expo.

Lionel Leone, Director of the exhibition, states that according to him "Art and culture are essential components of the city and the territories. We are convinced that it is by being close to the actors of the cities and territories that we will establish exchanges that will allow us to best accompany the dynamics of the market. The current crisis allows us to take a step back and put our priorities into perspective. The show invites us to rethink our business models and offers us a 360° vision on all aspects of cities and territories."

The Nomad, sculpture by Jaume Plensa in Antibes (Photograph by Loïc Athenon)

At the heart of questions on the cities' development, art plays a predominant role and appears to be transversal in the answers to think and build the city of tomorrow.

Whether it is integrated into environmental issues and urban planning or even digital transformation, the artistic presence in public space is a major stake in the attractiveness of a territory and the generation of economic dynamism.

It is therefore in collaboration with MUSY that the event organisers wanted to think about the artistic perspective of Innopolis Expo. On the programme, street artists, dedicated spaces and a live show will accompany and thrill the participants in this joint project: building the city of tomorrow.

To do so, see you on 21st and 22nd of September 2021 at the Espace Champerret!