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My child, my wonder, my masterpiece

« I received in my mailbox a magnificent sketch. Everything was there: the expression of my son, his soft curly hair, his blanket from his day of birth that he loves so much. »

Giorgia, Real estate agent in Rome (Italy)

As the mother of a little boy of 4 years old, I am delighted to see him grow and assert himself day after day. How time flies...

I summoned MUSY following the change in the decoration of my villa: the fixtures and fittings, the tapestry, the furniture, everything was perfectly suited to my taste; all that was missing were the works of art.

The first meeting with Ayoko and Chloe allowed me to define my approach and refine my tastes in art - I’d never really identified with any before. They introduced me to different works of art in a variety of styles, and showed me the techniques I needed to learn about visual art. At the end of this interview, I knew that I preferred figurative to abstract, oil painting to watercolour, and that I wanted works inspiring serenity and cheerfulness with, if possible, winks to personal memories.

The second appointment held a week later gave rise to a series of infatuations at first sight, including the beginnings of Milo's portrait. They came up with the idea of a silkscreen print of my son's portrait for which I could choose the colours, the background and add personal elements. I loved the idea and gave them a go to get in touch with the French artist who makes these silkscreen prints and get an estimate, the realization time and a first sketch.

I sent them my favourite picture of Milo, taken last summer at the beach, and a photo of his cotton birth blanket.

A week later, I received in my mailbox a magnificent sketch that delightfully coaxed me in the acquisition of this portrait, everything was there: the expression of my son, his soft curly hair, his blanket from his day of birth that he loves so much.

The conditions were complete and detailed: the price (delivery included) and the deadline (1 month from completion to reception). The final touch to this portrait that I am particularly fond of was suggested by the artist, via MUSY: she suggested that I included my son's first name, handwritten by me.

I would therefore send the signature of his first name, send the birth cover since the portrait would be directly silk-screened on it, and receive the final draft with all the elements with shades and colours included. Over the moon, I validated its conception.

The work I received was beyond my expectations, tenderness and character, nostalgia and satisfaction, I hung this authentic portrait in the corridor leading to my son's room, who recognized himself immediately!

MUSY behind the scenes...

After our first meeting with Milo's mother, we had a flash of inspiration for one of the proposals we were going to make to her. We realised that she liked Pop Art and we noticed the photos of her son in her living room.

Vanessa Paris, a French silkscreen artist, would undoubtedly accept the challenge and we were certain that the result would live up to our client's expectations. The exchanges were fitting, and the result is a true co-creation between the artist and her client.

MUSY tip

Artists who accept to create custom-made works have a taste for challenge.

Therefore, we invite our clients to express everything they have in mind, everything they would like to bring forward and what they visualize, in order to build the project that corresponds to them through the artist's universe and talent.