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What if I offered a work of art for the holidays?

Christmas is fast approaching, the time when we all go in search of the most beautiful and touching gifts.

Would the solution be to offer a work of art?

To feel the authenticity of an emotion, to exchange points of view: Art is meant to be lived together, to be shared. Art moves us and makes us happy, and it is neuroaesthetics that tells us so! Personalizing and humanizing the places in which we live and work embellishes our daily lives. Art, far from being a random aesthetic luxury, has the truly magical power to "change life" .

It is an inexhaustible source of surprises and discoveries. Art is imperishable and addresses what is most intimate and deepest in each of us. Christmas gives us the ability to dare, to reach out to new things, to discover, to invite us to dream, to escape to another dimension.

What could be more original than a work of art that arouses joy, pride or admiration? A work of art, yes, and even better a tailor-made one!

As a unique object, you offer your loved ones the opportunity to tell their story, that of a family, friends or lovers. Offering art at Christmas enhances the value of those who receive it and enlightens those who offer it. More than an aesthetic value, it has a sentimental value.

In these times of economic uncertainty, Art is also a lever for diversifying one's patrimony. This gift will live on through the years and generations, will leave the imprint of memory, and above all will speak of the recipient of your gift, but also of you!

By scrupulously choosing the artist and his/her work, whether already created or on demand, you will please by investing in the nuggets of one of the leading artists of tomorrow.

Acquiring and offering the work of an artist means recognising his or her work, providing support and giving them the means to pursue their work independently: Collecting is also a commitment.

The internet confronts you with a plethora of offers. We understand that your choice may prove difficult, so our role is to accompany you and facilitate the search for the work that corresponds to your expectations and objectives. Art thus becomes an experience, and accompanies the recipient of this gift on the journey towards his or her own collection.

How can MUSY accompany you in your quest to reach your goals?

MUSY accompanies and advises its clients in the acquisition of original or personalised works of art. It offers future acquirers a unique experience by inviting them to the heart of the artists' creative process.

MUSY offers its services, particularly in the search and selection of works of art, and proposals adapted to each person's investment objectives.

Take the plunge, share your expectations with us and we will help you refine your choice.