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Profitable crush

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"Before I met MUSY, I didn't know that buying art could be that profitable. »

Sebastien, Entrepreneur in Geneva (Switzerland)

As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, it has been seven years since I created three companies, across three continents, each expanding far and wide. At the same time, as any proper entrepreneur, I have invested in real estate and in business opportunities that came to me over time through my network.

Drawing by José Luis Puche - The Promer
Drawing by José Luis Puche - The Promer

And this is how I saw MUSY, after I had spoken with Chloe and Ayoko.

June 2020, the end of lockdown, I leave for Marbella to take a breath of fresh air and look back on these unusually intense last few months. Indeed, initially based in Geneva, I was looking forward to the sea, my freedom and the Spanish way of life.

My curiosity piqued over dinner when I first heard the founders of MUSY explain their role as art advisors in the acquisition of artworks. Until then, I had shown very little interest in the matter, which I imagined was reserved for the informed and passionate. I quickly challenged them on the possible profitability of buying pieces of art. They then offered to introduce me to the market and its dynamics.

I quickly understood that this was a solid investment opportunity, but above all an investment that would be profitable for the medium and long term. Moreover, Chloe and Ayoko offered to mentor me throughout my career as a young collector. After assessing the risks and the prospects of return on investment,

I took the plunge!

Selection of artists, then selection of artworks and their characteristics, purchase, management of the works and resale, MUSY was able to advise me and guide me in my choices, bearing in mind my initial objective: profitability.

To speak the truth, I must admit that when I discovered particular artists and their universe, I was seduced by some works... which are now part of my personal collection.

MUSY behind the scenes...

Sebastien was very clear from the get-go that he wanted to invest.

First of all, we considered it essential to explain to him how the art market worked, its risks and opportunities. Afterwards, we introduced him to artists who corresponded well to his financial projections and expectations.

Once the selection of artists and their works were validated, we agreed on accompanying him over the next few years in the management of his artworks: they will gain visibility by circulating throughout Europe and the five continents.

See you next year for initial feedback!

MUSY's advice

The profitability of an artwork will depend on the growth of the artist's rating and the history of the artwork. There are many criteria to be taken into account. It is therefore imperative to master these data, in order to assess the potential of an artwork and therefore recommend its acquisition as an investment.