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Which art for the upcoming months?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

September 2020 is on our doorstep.

After a summer when most of us have rediscovered local landscapes, where some have ventured to more distant lands and others have stayed at home, we all approach this autumn filled with legitimate doubts.

And what about art in all of this?

At the heart of this uncommon period (and which we would prefer untimely), art resonated within each of us through its different disciplines and played an essential role in the search for our well-being.

What role has art played in your life during the last months?

« Art is the shortest path from Man to Man. » André Malraux

Materialized with internet.

While we are now dependent on the mobility rules that govern our daily lives for the past six months, pieces of art keep circulating throughout the world. Artists have never stopped creating and the cultural world has reinvented itself to make art accessible: exhibitions and visits to virtual museums, filmed and retransmitted operas, restless social networks... When escape is necessary, modernity has become a vector of knowledge through which we can discover, reflect, entertain ourselves, feel or exteriorize.

« The real value of art depends on its power of liberating revelation. » René Magritte

that we decide to express or keep for ourselves, as the refuge, the sanctuary of our emotions, for which the artwork is the key.

This song, this dance, this sculpture, this painting... let's raise our heads, let's listen and observe with all our senses which piece of art accompanies us daily, more than a simple appreciation, those which transcend us.

And what about its creators?

What roles do they play? JR, a street artist whose work in Paris last April illustrates this article, told the Time Magazine: "I hope it will inspire and reflect what everyone is feeling right now. It’s a special time. I hope this image will give us hope when we can walk the streets again." (Link)

They themselves subject to the freedom-restricting measures, each artist has illustrated and interpreted this period according to his/her own feelings, with his/her means and techniques for him or herself or for all of us.

Their creations realized during this unusual event (and still very much present for us) are in fact timeless. In the same way that pieces of art from all times transcend us, they will make their spectators vibrate, in another reality, in another era. In L'Infini Esthétique, Paul Valéry wrote: « a work of art is the result of an action whose goal is to provoke infinite developments in someone. »

September 2020 is on our doorstep.

Let's keep the vibrations of art in our lives, let's preserve our freedom of introspection and let's maintain this positive synergy by supporting artists and promoting their creations. We wish you a rich and inspired year - have a good start!