Silkscreen printing   |   Rhônes-Alpes, France   |   Emerging artist

The Totem portraits were born from the intention to get the photos out of their album and to bring these special moments to the light.

It is the fascination for books and stories that led Vanessa Paris (born in the Paris region in 1977) to practice silkscreen printing.

Freshly graduated, her first job in a big Parisian publishing house turned out to be boring,. She then chose to work as a freelance graphic designer (since 2006).

In 2015, a professional training in silk screen printing reveals a new creative field to her, it is there that the first Totem portrait is born. Since 2018 the Totem and whims workshop is established in Ardèche. Vanessa continues her experiments on the theme of the plant, as inspiration and resource for the realization of her inks.

Selection of individual exhibitions :

  • 2018 - Café Le cause toujours, Valence (France)

  • 2018 - Unique serial workshop, Lyon (France)

  • 2017 and 2018 - Salon gourmand et artisanal, Joyeuse (France)

Selection of collective exhibitions :

  • 2017 - " Serial lovers, serial couleurs " at the cultural center of Comines Warneton, (Belgium)

Seen by MUSY...

It is Milo's totem pole that seduced us: silkscreen printing on a patterned cotton fabric, embellished with the fine signature of the first name at the bottom of the canvas, reminiscent of the wavy hair of the little boy.

Thanks to her technique and empathy, Vanessa Paris manages to transcribe the charm of a smile, the softness of a look and allows her totems to reveal the personality of her models.

Talented and very attentive, Vanessa is warmly recommended for MUSY sponsors. 

The works displayed below are a representative selection from the world of Vanessa Paris. The aim is to open you to the movements he explored and to inspire you. Together, go further: share your expectations for your bespoke piece of art.

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